Mark Allen Cline: Bio

Mark was born in 1962 and has been surrounded by art all of his life. The son of Clinton Cline, a Professor of Art at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Mark remembers attending galleries and art shows with his father at a young age. In high school, one of Mark’s first watercolors was published on a calendar. Music was also a passion during that time, as he taught himself to play bass guitar and subsequently recorded an album in 1986 with the band, Tempered Steel, in Denver.

Mark started to pursue visual arts more seriously in 1999 when he rediscovered his love for drawing and painting portraits, murals, and abstracts.

“When I am doing a portrait, I concentrate on the emotion, color, and light from the center, and then outwards,” Mark says. “I start with the eyes, which I think are the most important part of a subject. If you stare at the eyes, you can catch the hues and tints of color that you might not normally see; emanating like an aurora around the rest of the subject. When it comes to my abstracts, I can’t help but get surreal. I have a great love for the surrealism because it can be completely emotional or comical. This is a release for me, as I can take a break from the preciseness of a portrait.”

Mark’s artwork has been shown in galleries throughout the Denver area, including Xanthia Gallery, Art & Soul Gallery, and The Namaste Hospice Arts & Events Center. He has participated in many chalk art events such as the Winter Park Italian Festival, La Piazza del Arte, Mount, and the Italian Festival at the Belmar Center, where he has street-painted for the last four years. A sample of his work was recently published in Divine Revolution Magazine and in The Rocky Mountain News magazine, YourHub. He has also donated artwork to the Alexandra Campaign for Breast Cancer Research. Mark’s murals can be seen at the Fuel Café Denver, and his most recent project, a 37′ X 8′ exterior mural for the City of Brighton. Unveiled summer 2009. Check out some of the Brighton Mural project pictures here.

Mark Cline R.I.P. 1961-2015

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