SummerToastTimelaps from Al's Digital House, Inc. on Vimeo.

The above is a Live Painting I did for Summer Toast 2012 down at Jacksons in Lodo. A special thanks to Al’s Digital House for the sweet time lapse.

Summer Toast Painting 650x487 Live Painting:  Summer Toast 2012

3panelcityscape Denver City Scape | 3 panel Acrylic on Canvas
A recent commissioned piece I just completed. (3) 18 X 24 Canvas panels.

sc The Stolen Scream My interpretation of ‘The Stolen Scream’ from the famous photograph by Noam Galai. Acrylic on Canvas with applied sound texture.

aspenmural Denver Wedding Backdrop (Portable Mural)
I just completed these 5’X10′ custom painted aspen tree backdrops for a upcoming wedding here in Denver. Both pieces were painted on un-stretched canvas and were so huge I had to paint them side-ways as the walls in my studio were not high enough. My neck hurts from looking sideways for so long.

This is a recent oil painting I completed for a very special project.  I want to thank Bill Klaas for allowing me to work with him and help bring his vision to life….  The Ground Zero Candle Vigil

GroundZeroCandleVigil color 600 Ground Zero Candle Vigil

A Candle

A candle is not a simple thing; it is deep in meaning.
Shadows dance as flames flicker; warmth radiates… aromas revealed.
The light of the candle is not a blinding beacon; it is a soft glow with great intensity.

Roaring fires consume… racing winds destroy;
A quiet hush is heard when a candle lights up a room.

Keep a candle lit in your heart, and heal the souls
that mingle with yours as you share your gift of life.

The meaning of this candle is… Remember life’s possibilities.
For a candle’s flickering flame illuminates the darkest of nights…
For any lost soul to see.

First New York, Then the World
September 11, 2011

The Ground Zero Candle Vigil is a program that will raise money for charities through the sale of a fine art poster that is inspiration for people to participate in a national candle vigil on the 10 year anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, 9-11.

The idea for the candle vigil came to Bill Klaas on a plane ride on his return from visiting his son in New York city. The poem was written about ten years earlier, however it wasn’t until his recent visit that Bill put the poem and painting idea together.

His aim is to raise money for charities, and to do his part to bring a seemingly divided world, at odds with each other, together in a national vigil. Ideally this will put enough positive energy into the world to make a difference in the lives of everyone.

Bill has put together an affiliate program to accelerate the amount of donations for local charities and the National 911 memorial through an affiliate network to sell 911 posters on websites across the country and around the world.


audreyhepburn Audrey Hepburn Portrait

Re-creation of a classic Audrey Hepburn picture.

Dec 162010

awp3origsilouette <center>BAMALAM</center>


Original Painting by Mark Cline

AWPorigsurfblk <center>Lost | 3 Panel Surf Mural on Canvas</center>

“Lost” Surf Mural

(3) 24 X 48 Canvas Panels

Orignal Painting by Mark Cline


awporigfastride 300x244 <center>Fast Ride | Acrylic on Board</center>Fast Ride

Acrylic on Board – Original Painting by Mark Cline


lala2 e1290489825102 <center>LaLa Series | Acrylic on Canvas</center>LALA

Acrylic On Canvas – Original Painting by Mark Cline
2 Piece set

awp6origmoondown 1024x767 <center>Moon Down | Oil on Canvas</center>

Moon Down

Oil on Canvas – 48″ X 36″ – Original Painting by Mark Cline


awp4origjenny 300x225 <center>Jenny’s Tree | Mark Cline</center>Jenny’s Tree

Oil on Canvas  – Painting by Mark Cline

coloradonative6 Coors Colorado Native Live painting
I’m finally getting these pictures posted from an event I did for Coors and the release of their new Colorado Native brand. Though I’ve been a painter for years…..this was my first ‘live’ painting. Its very different painting for an audience than it is painting in my studio. It was kinda fun but kind of stressful as well since I had to start and finish in just 4 hours!! I had (2) 4’X’4 canvases, sitting side by side, to work with. They have a really cool logo and some great ideas for the painting. It was fun night and want to thank Coors for the great opportunity!! Here a few highlights from the night at Mile High Station for the release of Colorado Native. You can see more pictures here….

hst500 Thompson for Sheriff

awpport8riker German Shepherd Dog Portrait | Riker

awppaintinmark Denver Paint In | John Lennon Portrait in progress

I love heading down to Civic Center park, setting up my easel and a fresh canvas, and just start painting.  Its a release for me and lets me create…… just for fun…

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