SummerToastTimelaps from Al's Digital House, Inc. on Vimeo.

The above is a Live Painting I did for Summer Toast 2012 down at Jacksons in Lodo. A special thanks to Al’s Digital House for the sweet time lapse.

I was approached by a client who going to propose to is future wife in the very near future. He had an idea to make it a surprise and this is how it went:
– We met and discussed details..
– I sketched a black and white portrait of the couple…
– We found a Video-grapher…
– We planned a day for the event to occur in Lodo…
– I set up on the 16th st mall acting like a normal portrait artist/street vendor…
– They walked up randomly on me doing a portrait and she had quite the surprise waiting for her…
– It was a fun and creative project…

I got back late last night from Washington D.C. where I was doing a chalk art demonstration, in Union Station, for Diabetes awareness.  It was an amazing experience….I’m so sore I can barely move!!!  I can’t believe they got the time lapse video done so fast!!! I finished up mid afternoon, flew back to Denver and got home about midnight. When I woke up at about 7am…the video was already on youtube.

The Project: Complete a 20’X20′ Live Chalk art mural in Washington D.C.’s Union Station in about 10 hours. The 3D chalk mural was to depict and promote awareness for the 10 diabetes hot spots around the country and the cost in Billions by year 2025.

I started the basic sketch in the Hotel banquette Room” Georgetown Two” in the Marriott Hotel. This was a little tough as it was over carpet. It was decided that we would do the mural on this great (new to me) Decoral paper product. It is flame retardant and very useful for indoor projects. I thought it held the chalk very well, and with it being black it really added to the look of a real street painting.

A special thanks to Novo Nordisk and BioSector 2 for the opportunity. I also want to thank Richard Harrington, of RHED Pixel, who was part of the time lapse video team and especially for leaving the part out of the video where I stepped in my box of pastels.

The mural depicts the cost of diabetes to 10 “Diabetes Hot Spots” around the United States by 2025 if current trends continue. The map is sponsored by Novo Nordisk, which released the results of a study by the Institute for Alternative Futures that provides a forecast of the project cost of diabetes for each of the 50 states.
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