Belmar Italian Festival Chalk Art 2014s Festival Italiano   Belmar 2014

Starbucks Mark Cline 2014 Starbucks   Wall Mural on Brick

2014 Denver Chalk Fest MC 2014 Chalk Art Festival

Denver Window Artist Mark Cline Blazing Window Mural   2014

Arvada West High School mural Arvada West High school

Dr Seuss Move Mountains Wall Mural Arvada West High school

Custom Skeleton Mural Skeleton Wall Mural

Custom Skeleton Mural.  4’X4″  Acrylic – Black & White

Denver 3d parking Garage Mural 3D Parking Garage Mural

steam punk bees in water Untitled:  Mixed Medium

Untitled: 24″ X 24″. Mixed medium – Dec 2013

Engineering For Kids Engineering for Kids Wall Mural

Engineering For Kids2 Engineering for Kids Wall Mural


A couple of interior wall murals I created for a local Kids Engineering group at the Streets of Southglenn.  I’m thinking seriously  about a photography class.

chalk wall mural pepsi center Chalk wall mural  Pepsi Center

This is custom Mark Cline city scape wall mural in chalk. Next time you’re at the Pepsi Center check it out. 3rd floor…Mile High Bar.

chalk wall mural pepsi center2 Chalk wall mural  Pepsi Center

Chalk Wine Glass Denver Aquarium 2013 3D Chalk Art Wine Glass   Denver Aquarium

Belmar Italian Festival September 7-8, 2013

belmar20131 Festival Italiano 2013    Lakewood

belmar20132 Festival Italiano 2013    Lakewood

belmar20133 Festival Italiano 2013    Lakewood

belmar20134 650x433 Festival Italiano 2013    Lakewood

belmar20135 Festival Italiano 2013    Lakewood

belmar20135.2 Festival Italiano 2013    Lakewood

belmar20136 Festival Italiano 2013    Lakewood


belmar20138 Festival Italiano 2013    Lakewood

Biscuits n Berries Custom Signage   Airbrush on Brick
Another day at the office… painted a couple of signs for Biscuits & Berries. Airbrush art on Brick – Denver

Aquarium Shark Chalk Art Denver Denver Aquarium Chalk Art

A few shots of my Chalk Art from my day at the Denver Aquarium for shark week.


Landshark Denver Aquarium Chalk Art

marilyn monroe 2011 Marilyn Monroe ~ B&W  I have drawn portraits of John Popper, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jerry Garcia, Johnny Depp, Mena Suvari, Madonna, Brook Shields and the list goes on not live Sittings obviously… I digress. I had never done a Marilyn. So I took a break from chalk, the brushes and my ‘time suck‘ computer one evening and decided to just sit down and draw…that’s how it all started for me.

A recent pet portrait I just finished of  3 dogs….. no wait…..Once I completed the pet portrait they ended up getting another dog.  They brought the painting back to me and had me to add the 4th. No wait…..Once I completed that pet portrait they ended up getting another dog.  They brought the painting back to me and had me to add the 5th.   These dogs are hilarious.  I even got to meet one in person.  Below are some of the project pictures.  Never a dull moment at Studio Mark Cline Design3dog10 3 Dogs.. 4 Dogs...5 Dogs
3dog14 3 Dogs.. 4 Dogs...5 Dogs


And then there were 51 3 Dogs.. 4 Dogs...5 Dogs
3dog15 3 Dogs.. 4 Dogs...5 Dogs

Old Chicago Custom Mug Mark Cline Old Chicago Mug  Tarheels

Carolina Tarheels Mug

Official Old Chicago’s world beer tour mug.  Custom painted by yours truly…

Straight A Drummer Straight As   Mural

Airbrush on Wall

Teenager Girls room mural . Straight A student and Drummer

observatorymural2 Observatory Building Mural   BIG

observatorymural1 Observatory Building Mural   BIG

Mural on Building – Denver



Crazy BIG Mural in Denver I’m currently working on.

larimer arts 2013 Mark Cline 3d Chalk art Denver Chalk Art Festival   Best 3D

mark cline larimer arts 2013 Denver Chalk Art Festival   Best 3D

Denver Chalk Art Festival -Larimer Square 2013

My creation at the 2013 Denver Chalk Art Festival on Larimer.  The piece is Based upon Salvador Dali’s ‘Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening (1944)’. I won best 3D…pretty cool. The last time I won  something was $1 on a lottery ticket. Thanks Larimer Arts for another great year!

Taste of fortcollins colorado 3d chalk art Mark Cline 2013 Taste of Ft. Collins Chalk Art

A little Chalk Art action up in Ft Collins.  Not sure if you can tell from the picture but the straw was realllllly long!

denver Window Art Denver Store front window painting

Denver store front window art

Store Front Window Art I recently completed for a Denver Small Business….AKA….Airbrush window painting. Painting windows is a challenge sometimes due to the crazy Colorado weather. I always seem to pick the wrong day…but the flame colors on the window really popped and came out sweeeet!

solar company logo Denver Solar Wall Logo   Denver


Company Logo on a wall of a Small business in Denver I recently completed.  Go Green!


Denver Wall Logo


Ball Park Museum Denver 4 650x485 Ball Park Museum: Mural ish

Ball Park Museum Denver 3 Ball Park Museum: Mural ish

Ball Park Museum Denver 2 Ball Park Museum: Mural ish

Ball Park Museum Denver 12 Ball Park Museum: Mural ish


Mural On Brick

Some recent work in LODO at the Ball Park Museum. Mural/Signage on brick.

bighorn crossfit Crossfit Mural   2013

Air Brush – Acrylic on Brick – 25′ by 20′


CrossFit mural I recently completed in North Denver.

Custom painted Mug Denver Custom painted beer mug

KU Jayhawks Pewter Beer mug

Official Old Chicago’s world beer tour mug.  Custom painted by yours truly

OT Wall Chalk Art Logo on wall

Chalk Art Wall Logo

Chalk art logo I recently completed on a wall to assist with the display of upcoming fitness classes.  Lots of fit people there…this place may have inspired me to make a resolution to work out more…maybe!

A few ‘in progress’ shots of an indoor wall mural.  Airbrush on wall.
markcline Ape Wall Mural(s)

Ape2 650x772 Ape Wall Mural(s)

ape3 Ape Wall Mural(s)

lionkingchildrenswallmural Childrens Wall Mural   Lion King

Children’s Wall Mural

Wall Mural I just completed loosely based off the Lion King character Simba.

Denver Chalkboard Advertising Chalk Art Sign   Downtown Denver

Chalk Art on Wall

Here is chalk art sign I’m currently working on in Lower Downtown Denver.  Old School black and white style art.  12ft high X 6ft Wide.  Coming along nicely!!

lodochalkart3 650x433 Chalk Art:  Corporate Event

lodochalkart1 650x433 Chalk Art:  Corporate Event

Corporate Event Chalk Art

This past weekend I was commissioned to do some chalk art for a corporate event in LODO at the Denver Convention Center.  I went down late morning so I could get it completed before the event started that evening.


southparksummerfest2012 South Park Summerfest 2012

South Park Summerfest 2012


A ‘Live’ Painting I just completed at South Park Summerfest 2012 up in Fairplay Colorado.  Its 8’x6′ on panel board that was primed with Gesso. I used acrylic paints and mainly applied with air brush. And I had no idea what I was going to paint until I got there and I just started creating right after I built the frame that held the canvas. Lez Zeppelin put on a great show. Got to hand it to those girls still being able to rock out when your fingers are cold. Its tuff…. I know from experience. Great event, great music and a great weekend!!

SummerToastTimelaps from Al's Digital House, Inc. on Vimeo.

The above is a Live Painting I did for Summer Toast 2012 down at Jacksons in Lodo. A special thanks to Al’s Digital House for the sweet time lapse.

Summer Toast Painting 650x487 Live Painting:  Summer Toast 2012

kids color pop The View:  Charcoal & Colored Pencil

A Color pop piece I’m currently working on

cooks mnt berry1 Product Jar Label


A jar label I designed for Big E’s BBQ line of Jams and Jellies.

eyes Eyes   Charcoal Pencil

donas r2 Victorias play room   Muraldonas r 11 Victorias play room   Mural


donas room 4 Victorias play room   Muraldonas r6 Victorias play room   Mural


dons r 5 Victorias play room   Mural



 2012 Denver Chalk Art Festival: Larimer Square

markclinechalkart20124 Denver Chalk Art Festival

MarkClineChalkArt2012 Denver Chalk Art Festival
markclinechalkart20125 Denver Chalk Art Festival
markclinechalkart20123 Denver Chalk Art Festival
MarkClineChalkArt20122 Denver Chalk Art Festival

Stanley Lake High School Mural21 650x487 Standley Lake High School Wall Mural

A few shots of the sports themed wall mural I’m working on at Standley Lake High School in Westminster. Its Big – 40′ X 8’… More pictures coming soon once the project is completed.

Dr Seuss Wall Mural Mark Cline Dr. Seuss Indoor Wall Mural

Dr. Seuss Wall Mural


A recent indoor wall mural I created in an office space in Downtown Denver.  The quote is from the Famous Dr Seuss piece known as “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”

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