marilyn monroe 2011 Marilyn Monroe ~ B&W  I have drawn portraits of John Popper, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jerry Garcia, Johnny Depp, Mena Suvari, Madonna, Brook Shields and the list goes on not live Sittings obviously… I digress. I had never done a Marilyn. So I took a break from chalk, the brushes and my ‘time suck‘ computer one evening and decided to just sit down and draw…that’s how it all started for me.

A recent pet portrait I just finished of  3 dogs….. no wait…..Once I completed the pet portrait they ended up getting another dog.  They brought the painting back to me and had me to add the 4th. No wait…..Once I completed that pet portrait they ended up getting another dog.  They brought the painting back to me and had me to add the 5th.   These dogs are hilarious.  I even got to meet one in person.  Below are some of the project pictures.  Never a dull moment at Studio Mark Cline Design3dog10 3 Dogs.. 4 Dogs...5 Dogs
3dog14 3 Dogs.. 4 Dogs...5 Dogs


And then there were 51 3 Dogs.. 4 Dogs...5 Dogs
3dog15 3 Dogs.. 4 Dogs...5 Dogs

kids color pop The View:  Charcoal & Colored Pencil

A Color pop piece I’m currently working on

eyes Eyes   Charcoal Pencil

camelli portrait 732x1024 Denver Baby Portrait | Black and WhiteRecently completed portrait of a baby…by yours truly.  Charcoal Pencil

I was approached by a client who going to propose to is future wife in the very near future. He had an idea to make it a surprise and this is how it went:
– We met and discussed details..
– I sketched a black and white portrait of the couple…
– We found a Video-grapher…
– We planned a day for the event to occur in Lodo…
– I set up on the 16th st mall acting like a normal portrait artist/street vendor…
– They walked up randomly on me doing a portrait and she had quite the surprise waiting for her…
– It was a fun and creative project…

awpport5tj 650x497 Fathers Day Portrait A Father’s Day Portrait I completed for a local family. Charcoal Pencil on paper. This is one of my all time favorites!

audreyhepburn Audrey Hepburn Portrait

Re-creation of a classic Audrey Hepburn picture.

grizzlies Mile High Grizzlies | Football Portrait

Mile High Grizzlies football water color portrait  is finally done. Watercolor is a challenging medium but you can get some really great effects.  Here is the finished product.

awpport1depp 300x300 <center>Johnny Depp Portrait | Giclee Print</center>

Johnny Depp Portrait

16X20 Giclee Prints  Signed and Numbered

$300 + S/H


mcdinternationalpaypal <center>Johnny Depp Portrait | Giclee Print</center> mcdpaypal <center>Johnny Depp Portrait | Giclee Print</center> mcduspaypal <center>Johnny Depp Portrait | Giclee Print</center>



awpport7dogs5002 Family of Dogs | Pet Portrait

Pet portrait of two dogs from a Photograph

awpport9scout 822x1024 Scout | Denver Dog Portrait

This is a pet portrait I just finished of an awesome dog named ‘Scout’. This was a ‘live’ sitting….just kidding.   Anyway, every dog has something totally unique about them and I can always identify with that.  I find a way to bring out their personality in the painting and that’s what makes it fun.

awpport8riker German Shepherd Dog Portrait | Riker

awppaintinmark Denver Paint In | John Lennon Portrait in progress

I love heading down to Civic Center park, setting up my easel and a fresh canvas, and just start painting.  Its a release for me and lets me create…… just for fun…

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