I have drawn portraits of John Popper, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jerry Garcia, Johnny Depp, Mena Suvari, Madonna, Brook Shields and the list goes on not live Sittings obviously… I digress. I had never done a Marilyn. So I took a break from chalk, the brushes and my ‘time suck‘ computer one evening and decided to just sit down and draw…that’s how it all started for me.

A recent pet portrait I just finished of  3 dogs….. no wait…..Once I completed the pet portrait they ended up getting another dog.  They brought the painting back to me and had me to add the 4th. No wait…..Once I completed that pet portrait they ended up getting another dog.  They brought the painting back to me and had me to add the 5th.   These dogs are hilarious.  I even got to meet one in person.  Below are some of the project pictures.  Never a dull moment at Studio Mark Cline Design


And then there were 5

A Color pop piece I’m currently working on

Recently completed portrait of a baby…by yours truly.  Charcoal Pencil

I was approached by a client who going to propose to is future wife in the very near future. He had an idea to make it a surprise and this is how it went:
– We met and discussed details..
– I sketched a black and white portrait of the couple…
– We found a Video-grapher…
– We planned a day for the event to occur in Lodo…
– I set up on the 16th st mall acting like a normal portrait artist/street vendor…
– They walked up randomly on me doing a portrait and she had quite the surprise waiting for her…
– It was a fun and creative project…

A Father’s Day Portrait I completed for a local family. Charcoal Pencil on paper. This is one of my all time favorites!

Re-creation of a classic Audrey Hepburn picture.

Mile High Grizzlies football water color portrait  is finally done. Watercolor is a challenging medium but you can get some really great effects.  Here is the finished product.

Johnny Depp Portrait by Mark Cline

Johnny Depp Portrait

16X20 Giclee Prints  Signed and Numbered



Pet portrait of two dogs from a Photograph

Pet Portrait

This is a pet portrait I just finished of an awesome dog named ‘Scout’. This was a ‘live’ sitting….just kidding.   Anyway, every dog has something totally unique about them and I can always identify with that.  I find a way to bring out their personality in the painting and that’s what makes it fun.

I love heading down to Civic Center park, setting up my easel and a fresh canvas, and just start painting.  Its a release for me and lets me create…… just for fun…

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