Marck Cline Mural Artist Denver Building Mural Park Plaza

Denver Window Artist_Mark Cline

chalk wall mural pepsi center

This is custom Mark Cline city scape wall mural in chalk. Next time you’re at the Pepsi Center check it out. 3rd floor…Mile High Bar.

chalk wall mural pepsi center2

Old Chicago Custom Mug Mark Cline

Carolina Tarheels Mug

Official Old Chicago’s world beer tour mug.  Custom painted by yours truly…



Mural on Building – Denver



Crazy BIG Mural in Denver I’m currently working on.

denver Window Art

Denver store front window art

Store Front Window Art I recently completed for a Denver Small Business….AKA….Airbrush window painting. Painting windows is a challenge sometimes due to the crazy Colorado weather. I always seem to pick the wrong day…but the flame colors on the window really popped and came out sweeeet!

solar company  logo Denver


Company Logo on a wall of a Small business in Denver I recently completed.  Go Green!


Denver Wall Logo

bighorn crossfit

Air Brush – Acrylic on Brick – 25′ by 20′


CrossFit mural I recently completed in North Denver.

Custom painted Mug Denver

KU Jayhawks Pewter Beer mug

Official Old Chicago’s world beer tour mug.  Custom painted by yours truly

Chalk Art on Wall

Here is chalk art sign I’m currently working on in Lower Downtown Denver.  Old School black and white style art.  12ft high X 6ft Wide.  Coming along nicely!!

Corporate Event Chalk Art

This past weekend I was commissioned to do some chalk art for a corporate event in LODO at the Denver Convention Center.  I went down late morning so I could get it completed before the event started that evening.


South Park Summerfest 2012 art by Mark Cline

South Park Summerfest 2012


A ‘Live’ Painting I just completed at South Park Summerfest 2012 up in Fairplay Colorado.  Its 8’x6′ on panel board that was primed with Gesso. I used acrylic paints and mainly applied with air brush. And I had no idea what I was going to paint until I got there and I just started creating right after I built the frame that held the canvas. Lez Zeppelin put on a great show. Got to hand it to those girls still being able to rock out when your fingers are cold. Its tuff…. I know from experience. Great event, great music and a great weekend!!

SummerToastTimelaps from Al's Digital House, Inc. on Vimeo.

The above is a Live Painting I did for Summer Toast 2012 down at Jacksons in Lodo. A special thanks to Al’s Digital House for the sweet time lapse.


A jar label I designed for Big E’s BBQ line of Jams and Jellies.





A few shots of the sports themed wall mural I’m working on at Standley Lake High School in Westminster. Its Big – 40′ X 8’… More pictures coming soon once the project is completed.

Soft pastel on Wallis paper……2012

A recent commissioned piece I just completed. (3) 18 X 24 Canvas panels.

My interpretation of ‘The Stolen Scream’ from the famous photograph by Noam Galai. Acrylic on Canvas with applied sound texture.


Rotating 2012 Mayan Calendar by Mark Cline

Buy one HERE….you know you want to!!



Recently completed portrait of a baby…by yours truly.  Charcoal Pencil

I was approached by a client who going to propose to is future wife in the very near future. He had an idea to make it a surprise and this is how it went:
– We met and discussed details..
– I sketched a black and white portrait of the couple…
– We found a Video-grapher…
– We planned a day for the event to occur in Lodo…
– I set up on the 16th st mall acting like a normal portrait artist/street vendor…
– They walked up randomly on me doing a portrait and she had quite the surprise waiting for her…
– It was a fun and creative project…

Abstract type of interior mural for local Denver facility.

A Butterfly wall mural for child’s room.  Came out excellent!!

I just completed these 5’X10′ custom painted aspen tree backdrops for a upcoming wedding here in Denver. Both pieces were painted on un-stretched canvas and were so huge I had to paint them side-ways as the walls in my studio were not high enough. My neck hurts from looking sideways for so long.

I got back late last night from Washington D.C. where I was doing a chalk art demonstration, in Union Station, for Diabetes awareness.  It was an amazing experience….I’m so sore I can barely move!!!  I can’t believe they got the time lapse video done so fast!!! I finished up mid afternoon, flew back to Denver and got home about midnight. When I woke up at about 7am…the video was already on youtube.

The Project: Complete a 20’X20′ Live Chalk art mural in Washington D.C.’s Union Station in about 10 hours. The 3D chalk mural was to depict and promote awareness for the 10 diabetes hot spots around the country and the cost in Billions by year 2025.

I started the basic sketch in the Hotel banquette Room” Georgetown Two” in the Marriott Hotel. This was a little tough as it was over carpet. It was decided that we would do the mural on this great (new to me) Decoral paper product. It is flame retardant and very useful for indoor projects. I thought it held the chalk very well, and with it being black it really added to the look of a real street painting.

A special thanks to Novo Nordisk and BioSector 2 for the opportunity. I also want to thank Richard Harrington, of RHED Pixel, who was part of the time lapse video team and especially for leaving the part out of the video where I stepped in my box of pastels.

The mural depicts the cost of diabetes to 10 “Diabetes Hot Spots” around the United States by 2025 if current trends continue. The map is sponsored by Novo Nordisk, which released the results of a study by the Institute for Alternative Futures that provides a forecast of the project cost of diabetes for each of the 50 states.
Additional links to the project:

An Artist Puts Diabetes On The Map

This is a recent oil painting I completed for a very special project.  I want to thank Bill Klaas for allowing me to work with him and help bring his vision to life….  The Ground Zero Candle Vigil

A Candle

A candle is not a simple thing; it is deep in meaning.
Shadows dance as flames flicker; warmth radiates… aromas revealed.
The light of the candle is not a blinding beacon; it is a soft glow with great intensity.

Roaring fires consume… racing winds destroy;
A quiet hush is heard when a candle lights up a room.

Keep a candle lit in your heart, and heal the souls
that mingle with yours as you share your gift of life.

The meaning of this candle is… Remember life’s possibilities.
For a candle’s flickering flame illuminates the darkest of nights…
For any lost soul to see.

First New York, Then the World
September 11, 2011

The Ground Zero Candle Vigil is a program that will raise money for charities through the sale of a fine art poster that is inspiration for people to participate in a national candle vigil on the 10 year anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, 9-11.

The idea for the candle vigil came to Bill Klaas on a plane ride on his return from visiting his son in New York city. The poem was written about ten years earlier, however it wasn’t until his recent visit that Bill put the poem and painting idea together.

His aim is to raise money for charities, and to do his part to bring a seemingly divided world, at odds with each other, together in a national vigil. Ideally this will put enough positive energy into the world to make a difference in the lives of everyone.

Bill has put together an affiliate program to accelerate the amount of donations for local charities and the National 911 memorial through an affiliate network to sell 911 posters on websites across the country and around the world.


So the initial concept behind the Art of Winter for the Larimer Arts Association was this:

  • Gather local artists to create custom art on a old/recycled pair of skis or snowboard.
  • Each piece would be displayed via outdoor gallery on Larimer in Downtown Denver
  • Each piece would be sold via silent auction to raise money for the organization

Anyway, after trying to figure out how to properly secure and protect the art it was determined that it would be better to hang a picture of the art and keep the actual skis and snowboards secured until the auction was complete.Great project and I hope they do it again next year!!

I had to get down there and get a good picture before the show was over.   Here is a picture of me, my custom snowboard art and my name hanging on Larimer St. in Downtown Denver…..pretty cool!!

I recently worked on a project for the “Art of Winter” event hosted by Something Independent, using an old snowboard as a canvas.  I want to thank SnowSports Industries America for providing the snowboard.  This was a fun project….hopefully K2 or Rossignol calls sometime soon…I have lots of great design ideas!!!  Above is a picture of the custom snowboard art I created.

It was my goal to demonstrate through art my theory that the universe is perpetual.  I believe that after a black hole consumes its primary matter, and also after enough anti-matter is also consumed, the anti-matter will compress all of the material it has swallowed into the smallest, most condensed mass possible, before it has a massive reaction – or another big bang – thus creating a new dimension by expanding space where there is none.  This cycle would continue because eventually, it would rip a hole through the mothering universe, only to be recycled again, thereby creating a “Perpetual Universe”.  This piece is an abstract, colorful representation of this theory.

The snowboard was up for auction at Blacktie Colorado.

Art of Winter – January 17th through February 13th, 2011

Larimer Street, between 14th and 15th
Denver, CO 80238
Check out the official website here…


Check out this 9News clip and watch closely…

Toward the end of the video, you can see MY custom snowboard just over the reporter’s left shoulder…LOL

Just got finished doing a number of custom designs for Kustom Kargo. Some Interior…some Exterior….  You can check out their website here…

This a custom painted skateboard deck. My client brought the idea of custom mountain scene type mural to be painted on the bottom of the skateboard deck. You can see that I painted around the edges of the slots for the truck mount.

Denver Wall Murals
Denver Portraits -Johnny Depp
Denver 3D Chalk Art