My latest creation was this 40’x10′ outdoor wall mural at Arvada West High School.  The project was sponsored by the 2011 Senior Class as their departing gift to the school.  It was a unique idea, as each member of the graduating class was given the opportunity to actually be a part of the mural.  Each student came by to see me over the few days just before 2011 Spring Break.  I used a roller to give them just the right amount of paint so that they could put their handprints on the wall wherever they wanted.  Below are a few pictures of my week spent at Arvada West and the mural in process.

Many thanks to 2011 Senior Class President, Charlee Ottersberg!  It was her idea to involve the entire class by incorporating their handprints into the mural.  She also found the image we used to paint the two main hands as a world map.  Her creativity and school spirit definitely helped propel this project to a level I never would’ve expected!

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